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Use Your Sense Of Touch (How to Detect Quality of the Diamonds You Buy)

Don't neglect how your jewelry is set. This affects the brilliance of your diamonds and will affect the durability of your piece in the long run.

When you've finished inspecting the piece/s with your eyes, go ahead and have a feel of the setting. Slide your thumb across the surface, does it feel rough and edgy? Will the prongs get caught in your clothes? Will it scratch your newborn baby's delicate skin?

Gently slide the piece across the softest part of your palm. Does it hurt your hand?

Uncompromised gold settings usually mean your jeweler pays attention to detail and quality of work. When jewelry is set and crafted beautifully, gemstones are able to shine their brightest. Talented craftsmen ensure that they place prongs in the right angles so that light and gemstones can work in harmony to produce brilliance. Same goes with durability, ensuring that your stones won't just fall off with the slightest wear.

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