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Our Promise


Integrity. Care. Kindness. Transparency and a sense of belonging to the elite. 


The Problem


Ever notice how everyone would compare jewelry pieces by the basis of price alone? It was the clearest that we've ever seen the problem. We were so used to a misinformed industry that we had no other choice but to have cost as our sole basis.  It definitely took a lot of patience, a dedicated sales team and numerous one on one interactions to kickstart the business but we’re glad we stuck with it. 


At M&K Jewelry, we face clients everyday because we want to solve a neglected issue - buyers need to be just as educated as their jeweler. 


Our Story


M&K Jewelry was born out of a family business; it was started by siblings who took up gemology because they wanted to create a positive change in the local fine jewelry industry.


"In the beginning we had quite a difficult time capturing the market. Since we are offering truly superior quality products and working with only the most skilled craftsmen abroad, this inevitably put a premium cost on our pieces. We weren’t attracting a big enough crowd to take off. Believe us, the temptation to ride the wave and sell products like everyone else was constant. But fortunately, we chose to stay true to our goals." 


Our Mission

M&K Jewelry is deep in the challenge of changing how people buy and sell jewelry.  With each meeting and transaction, prepare to feel more educated with the value of fine jewelry, utterly satisfied with the premium quality of our pieces and better equipped with the knowledge to shop for your luxury pieces.  We want you to own jewelry that will stay brilliant for generations. 


Honestly, the trusting relationships we have built with clients have been the most rewarding part of this all. 


And now, here we are. No way are we close to peaking, but with a growing following online and a sincere intention to keep educating the market, we hope to continue this positive and renewed approach to buying and selling fine jewelry. 


How good does it feel to walk into a room while confidently knowing that you are in fact wearing one of the best? Join us in our mission because we’ve only just begun.


"Here at M&K, you can trust us like family. "

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